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For salesmen by salesmen throughout the entire career. 

Säljarnas is a politically unbound national association with trade union rights. We are here for every salesmen, no matter what the title says on your business card. 

You should become a member to get inspiration, security, knowledge and a large network. We help you in both success and difficulties throughout your entire sales career. Beside the security with the sales unemployment fund and income insurance, you can take part of our employment law advice and negotiation, when you need it. Do not forget that you need to be a member of both the unemployment fund (A-kassa) and a member of Säljarnas in order to receive the income insurance. 

Why should you become a member?

Our lawyers are specialized within sales, something we do not share with anyone else. Our local networking is important and creates new meetingspots, fellowship and experience. We are aware of that the sales profession often is lonely but we are focusing on operating local issues together. The relations,networking and contact spaces are important but besides from that, we also create breakfast meetings with really good themes and speakers. 

Furthermore, we offer:

  • Education
  • Mentorship,
  • Career coaching,
  • Recruitment,
  • Counseling regarding individual benefits,
  • Coaching facing a salary negotiation or employment agreements,
  • Coaching regarding personal goals
  • Säljarnas magazine which is released six times per year and offers advice, tips and
  • external insights. 

Welcome to Säljarnas!

For more information, please contact our service department:
08-617 02 00